A brief update

hello, friends

Hey, everyone. “Happy” 2020 NG+.1 Yes, I am aware it’s mid-February.

Just a quick update to keep folks in the loop:

  • Spaces Left Blank is still very much a thing. New schedule: at least one essay a month.

  • Real life stuff took over—PHD applications, looking for writing gigs, and so on. Oh, and COVID sucks, by the way.

  • Been doing some writing/design for a sci-fi hypertext game called Neurocracy. Working with incredible people. If you don’t already follow the game on Twitter, please do.

  • New piece before the end of February (Obra Dinn? Trails in the Sky? Something else?)

  • Spaces Left Blank will remain free forever. But since a couple (and I literally mean two) people asked: I’ll be setting up the whole Substack payment thing soon. The only thing you’ll get out of it is a warm tingly feeling. Maybe an undisclosed percentage of my soul. Enjoy?

  • I hope you’re all doing well, or as well as can be given the current state of reality. Thank you for being here. Really.

  • Special shout out to Quips Lawrence for including my Yakuza 0 essay in Critical Distance. Please support the CD team. They’re doing amazing work.

Until next time.

Axel AKA Rap Game Deleuze


I borrow the term 2020 NG+ from the wonderful Cat Manning, whose Substack is extremely worth your time, so go subscribe. Also: hey, footnotes. Neat.